Best Barcode Printer in India – #1 Review

Barcode Printer: If you are in the business of packing and arranging things, you will need barcodes and labels to sort them out uniquely. In fact, even in today’s world, barcoding is the most widely utilised method of labelling and tracking items in retail and commercial enterprises.

That is why a barcode printer is required so that each product has a unique identification with product data for rapid scanning and sale. The following is a list of the best barcode printers in India.

Top Barcode Printer In India

1) Arkscan 2054A Thermal

Arkscan 2054A Thermal

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This barcode printer is very dependable due to its capacity to do numerous jobs. This is appropriate for printing at a size of 4.45 x 0.75 inches. It also allows you to utilise it with different Windows operating systems. It has comprehensive design skills and may be used to create graphs and texts.

You will also discover direct thermal technology, which eliminates the need for inks and toners. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of uses and can print swiftly.


  • Inks and toners are illuminated using direct thermal technology.
  • Design for quick printing to save time.
  • Full design capabilities for high-quality printing.


  • There is nothing to highlight.

2) TSC TE 244 Barcode

TSC TE 244 Barcode printer

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If you’re seeking for high-quality barcode printing, this is the product for you. It has dual motor gear, which means it will perform better. It also offers USB connectivity capability for simple connection. You will also discover a variety of other devices, such as an external power source and a USB cable system.

It is suitable for first-time users due to its simple design. The small design ensures that there will be maximum space efficiency. It also has flash storage capability, allowing you to start printing right away.


  • Flash memory for user convenience.
  • The performance of the double motor gear is remarkable.
  • The use of USB communication technology enables for simple setup.


  • It requires a pretty vast room to be accommodated.

3) TSC DA 310 Desktop

TSC DA 310 Desktop barcode printer

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This one has direct thermal technology for superior performance. It helps you to save time by printing at a high pace. Furthermore, the barcode printer offers a wide range of applications and is very compatible. There is a one-click button here that allows you to easily access the paper tray.

It also comes with simple maintenance and a plethora of useful functions. The rapid media feeding assures that there will be no complications.


  • Quick media feeding eliminates mess.
  • Double-wall clamshell construction for long-term use.
  • The one-click button makes operation simple.


  • The printing speed is slow.

4) JT Xprinter XP470B

JT Xprinter XP470B barcode printer

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This is a barcode printer with a USB interface. This ensures a rapid installation without the need for complex software. Furthermore, it is compatible with many Windows operating systems. The direct thermal barcode method ensures that printing is simple.

Furthermore, this works well and enables for simple operation. It is very reasonably priced and contains a CD/DVD.


  • Saving money is possible with a direct thermal printing method.
  • Quick installation through USB interface.
  • Automatic paper calibration eliminates the need for manual paper calibration.


  • Customer service is not accessible.

5) SEIBEN XP4601B 4 inch Direct Thermal Barcode Label Printer

SEIBEN XP4601B 4 inch Direct Thermal Barcode Label Printer

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A 300-meter ribbon may be inserted into this barcode printer. It is ideal for lowering printing costs and has a fast print speed. Furthermore, its big memory capacity makes it excellent for professional use. It also boasts a high-quality build that allows you to use it for a long period.

The push-button system ensures trouble-free operation. With a resolution of 203 dpi, you can expect high-quality printing. It may also be used for a variety of labels and tags. This offers maximum compatibility and a small footprint.


  • Longevity is increased by high-quality construction.
  • Large capacity for uninterrupted performance.
  • Push-button control mechanism for simple operation.


  • The printing quality might be improved.

6) DYMO LabelWriter

DYMO LabelWriter

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This printer has a high resolution of 600 x 300 dpi to provide exceptional performance. It also has thermal printing technology, which removes the need for ink and toner. Furthermore, because it enables for customised printing, you may utilise it according to your needs.

This saves time because it can print straight from several programmes. It also has a wide range of compatibility and enables for simple printing. The easy-to-load label rolls ensure that printing will be a breeze.


  • Complete accessories for the user’s benefit.
  • Thermal printing is a high-performance printing method.
  • Labels roll easily for smooth printing.


  • It’s a very new product.

7) F2C 4 inch Direct

F2C 4 inch Direct

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This barcode printer’s ultra-fast print technology helps you to save time. This includes the automated label identification capability. Furthermore, this is appropriate for labels ranging in size from 1.4 to 4.3 inches. The product is designed to be as compatible as possible, giving you an edge.

Furthermore, it is designed in a USB format for easy installation. This also allows you to save money because it does not require any ink to print.


  • A USB interface allows for simple setup.
  • For user convenience, automatic label identification is used.
  • Dual media sensors ensure precise alignment.


  • The instruction manual is not particularly comprehensive.

Buying Tips


The resolution of barcode printers might vary. Check to verify whether it has a minimum resolution of 300 DPI for high-quality printing and graphics.


When purchasing a barcode printer, compatibility is an important factor to consider. Look for one that works with your operating system. Some may have maximal compatibility, allowing you to use them with both Windows and Mac OS.

Architecture: A small and lightweight design allows for easy storage and travel. Always check to see whether you can use it for an extended period of time.


You should invest in a bar code printer that provides great performance while also saving you time. Check to see whether it can handle different types of papers, and some may include automated paper calibration. Additionally, you may check to determine if it has simple controls and a push-button mechanism.


There are several sorts of barcode printers available, each with its own set of features and functions. Our staff has chosen the finest barcode printers from the greatest companies in order to provide you with the most value for your money. You may also use the buying guide to determine which product is best for you and then make your selection.

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