Best Dot Matrix Printer in India

Technology never stands still. That being said, electrical appliances evolve throughout time, and more and more functions are added to early models to provide what a consumer want. There are many different types of printers on the market today.

Dot matrix printers are among the earliest types of printers. These printers are ideal for printing address labels, multipart forms, or barcodes, as well as carbon paper copies. Although it is an outdated piece of technology, it is nevertheless helpful in industrial settings. The following is a selected list of the top Dot matrix printers to buy:

10 Best Dot Matrix Printer in India

1) TVS Printer-240 Monochrome Dot Matrix Printer

Tvs Printer-240 Monochrome Dot Matrix Printer

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The TVS Printer 240 is the greatest television dot matrix printer on the market. It is a monochrome single-function printer that can copy and print. The TVS printer includes USB capability. The temperature range is 5 to 35 degrees Celsius. It has 128KB of storage and a printing speed of 357 characters per second.


  • Printing at high speeds
  • Maximum effectiveness
  • Parallel and serial interfaces, as well as USB support


  • It can be a little costly.

2) TVS MSP 240 Classic Plus

Tvs MSP 240 Classic Plus Printer

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The TVS MSP 240 is frequently referred to as “The Business Star.” This dot matrix printer includes built-in barcode fonts. When it comes to printing reports, journals, statements, documents, proposals, correspondences, or letters in general, this printer comes highly recommended. Only the plug-and-play technique is required for installation.


  • Ribbon replacement is inexpensive.
  • Quick printing (400cps)
  • Warranty period of two years


  • At times, low-density barcodes can be generated.

3) Epson FX-LQ-310

Epson LQ-310 Dot Matrix Printer

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The Epson FX-LQ-310 is a high-performance workhorse that requires very little maintenance. Epson’s dot matrix printer has a resolution of 10 cpi (476 characters per second). It also supports five different types of printing. It is ideally suited for printing financial statements, numerous copies, transaction reports, or monthly report production.


  • It includes a built-in network model.
  • There is USB support as well as parallel bi-directional connectivity.
  • Businesses may rely on it.
  • High-volume, high-speed printing


  • more expensive than the others

4) Epson LX-1310 Serial Impact

Epson LX-1310 Serial Impact Printer

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The LX-1310 is a nine-pin dot matrix printer that can produce 347 characters per second at 12 CPI. It is ideally suited for office printing, making it an excellent match for business sector gadgets. It supports five types of copies, namely one original and four copies. It contains 128KB of memory/storage. It features a control panel with four switches.


  • Control panel with LEDs
  • Printing at high speeds
  • Ideal for formal purposes
  • Reasonable cost


  • It is heavier than other dot matrix printers.

5) Epson LQ-1310

Epson LQ-1310

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The Epson LQ 1310 is a sophisticated dot matrix printer with a 24-pin carriage. It can print up to 416 characters per second at a resolution of 12 CPI. It is appropriate for heavy-duty printing, making it an excellent choice for enterprises. The Epson LQ 1310 includes eight built-in barcode fonts and formats. The print-head life of this Epson dot matrix printer is 400 million strokes.


  • Narrow transport
  • It has USB capability, as well as serial and parallel interfaces.
  • Printing at high speeds for business solutions


  • Body is heavier than typical dot matrix printers.

6) TVS MSP 250 Dot Matrix

TVS MSP 250 Dot Matrix Printer

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The MSP 250 is a monochrome TVS dot matrix printer that is meant to produce quickly. It has a print speed of 450 characters per second. It features a buffer capacity of 100 KB and saves the user time. The TVS MSP 250 Dot Matrix can duplicate 5 forms (1 original along with four copies of the same).

It is most suited for all types of service outlets such as supermarkets, outlet stores, distribution firms, pharmacies, travel agencies, courier services, and so on.


  • Barcode fonts and printing are built-in.
  • To minimise space, the body is designed vertically.
  • Printing in record time


  • Some operating systems may be difficult to use.

7) TVS MSP 455 XL 136 Column

TVS MSP 455 XL 136 Column Dot Matrix Printer

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The TVS MSP 455 XL 136 Column is a dot matrix printer that prints 400 characters per second. This dot matrix printer’s ribbon has a lifetime of 40 million. The control panel is straightforward and simple to use. The print head has a 200 million character lifetime.

What distinguishes it from other dot matrix printers is the ability to download fonts for many Indian languages, including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam, Bengali, Oriya, Assamese, and Gurmukhi. Along with them, standard typefaces for the English language and Devanagari are included.


  • Multiple font download options
  • Printing at high speeds
  • Low power consumption
  • At a fair price, you get a lot of advanced features.


  • Only monochrome printing is available.

8) Epson LQ 2090

Epson LQ-2090 Dot Matrix Printer

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The LQ 2090 is a single-function monochrome Epson dot matrix printer with a print speed of roughly 10 cpi. It is intended for simplex printing and features a 128 KB buffer capacity. This Epson dot matrix has USB compatibility and consumes 42 W of electricity while active.


  • Every Windows version is supported.
  • Storage that is adequate to enable high-speed printing


  • Too expensive in contrast to others

9) Epson Dot Matrix LQ50

Epson Dot Matrix LQ50 Monochrome Printer

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The Epson LQ50 is a dot matrix printer designed to produce passbooks or slips, as the name implies. It is a carriage device with 24 pins. The Epson LQ50 prints at a rate of 360 characters per second.


  • High-speed printing for efficient and effective company operations
  • At its finest, efficiency
  • Designed specifically for passbooks or slips
  • Automatic gap correction


  • A little pricey for a dot matrix printer with only one function.

10) TVS HD 245 Gold

TVS HD gold

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The TVS HD 245 Gold is a single-function monochrome dot-matrix printer. This printer can print at a rate of 570 characters per second. It works with paper, envelopes, postcards, labels, and cardstock. It is compatible with all Windows 2000 versions. The innovative DURAPIN technology is used on the TVS HD 245 Gold. This printer also provides five printing options (1 original and four copies).


  • A two-year warranty that includes the print head
  • Better business using advanced technologies


  • A little pricey for monotone

The Advantages of Using a Dot Matrix Printer

  • Dot matrix printers are less expensive than other types of printers.
  • Unlike other types of printers, it can print on carbon.
  • Dot-matrix printers provide incredibly low-cost prints.
  • Allows you ample time to change ribbons without abruptly stopping.
  • Paper use is an ongoing process. The user is not need to change the paper on a regular basis.
  • It is designed to withstand harsh industrial situations where maintenance might be difficult.
  • Low operating expenses

Downsides of Using a Dot Matrix Printer

  • Color printing is not always supported.
  • Output of low resolution
  • Printing that is noisy
  • Pins can easily be damaged, causing the print head to malfunction.
  • Time-consuming
  • Printing low-density barcodes
  • Jamming is a regular occurrence.

Dot Matrix Printer Purchasing Guide

Because dot matrix printers are generally utilised in industries and offices, they must be near-perfect, if not flawless. Before purchasing a dot matrix printer, consider the following:

The number of pins

The number of pins directly proportions to the clarity of the letters generated by a dot matrix printer.


If your printing needs are restricted to slips or passbooks, use a dot matrix printer designed for the purpose. Purchasing more than you require may put strain on your finances, and the extra features may go to waste.


Running a company at a service station necessitates faster and more efficient printing. While dot matrix printers have speeds ranging from 50 to 5000 letters per second, you must select which speed is best for your needs. However, most dot matrix printers offer variable speeds.


Working conditions in the industrial sector may be tough. Choose a printer with a sturdy frame to ensure that it lasts a long time. Not to add, the bulk of the printers described here are sturdy enough for daily use.

Final Thoughts

The guide was created to assist people in selecting the finest dot-matrix printers for their company or personal needs. It is recommended to examine what the printer offers to what one is searching for in a printer. Once it is evident, you may select your preferred dot matrix printer.

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