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Top 10 PVC Card Printers with Best Buying Guides and Reviews

PVC card printers are frequently referred to as ID card printers. These printers are used to create picture IDs out of PVC, a strong and long-lasting material commonly associated with pipes (polyvinyl chloride). PVC printers are frequently utilised in businesses, hospitals, and educational institutions. The following are the top ten PVC card printers:

Top 10 Best PVC Card Printers

1) Epson Single-Function

epson single function printer

If you buy the PVC card tray separately, you may use this Epson printer to produce PVC cards. It has an incredibly low noise level of 36 dB, which eliminates disruptions. It has Wi-Fi capability and allows you to go entirely wireless. You may even use the USB feature for safe communication. It provides several alternatives due to its interoperability with different operating systems.

The product also supports a variety of page sizes. It will allow you to print standard photos as well as borderless photos. The six-color ink tank design allows for high-quality images. It also provides efficient performance and fast printing speeds. It is also incredibly small, allowing you to conserve room. Despite all of its capabilities, the device has a warranty of 1 year.


  • Maximum compatibility improves convenience.
  • Wireless capability is provided through the Wi-Fi feature.
  • Printing different things is made possible by the support for several page sizes.
  • Low-noise design for less disruption


  • Superior results are achieved by using a six-color ink tank design.
  • Fast printing speeds help you save time.
  • Connectivity through USB for safe printing.


  • It is possible that installation will take some time.

2) Kataria PVC ID

kataria PVC ID printer

This PVC card tray should be used with the earlier Epson printer we detailed in the preceding part. It has a simplistic design yet can nonetheless accomplish various duties. You will be able to produce ID cards, Aadhar cards, and much more with the seamless design. You will be able to print IDs precisely using it.

The dual-slot capability allows you to print two cards at the same time. Even the tray may accommodate any standard PVC card. Not only does it make it easy to utilise with an Epson printer. It allows you to use it with both pigment and dry ink, allowing the printer to last longer. It is also highly durable and provides good value for money.


  • Durability is increased by high-quality construction.
  • The tray is the ideal size for regular PVC cards.
  • Compatibility of dry ink and pigment ink


  • Dual slot feature for printing two cards at the same time.
  • The seamless design enables for the production of several ID cards.
  • Compatibility with all Epson printers is maximised.

3) Epson PictureMate Photo

epson pictureMate photo printer

The fast printing speed ensures that you save time. It might be beneficial to have a continuous operation if it is equipped with a rechargeable battery. It also produces high-quality printing because to the increased print resolution of 5760 DPI. It has several connectivity choices, including Epson Connect, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi direct.

The lightweight form is ideal for convenient transportation. It provides more freedom because you may select from a variety of page sizes. The product also allows for borderless printing. It allows you to print directly from your phone without the need for a computer. The 6.9 cm adjustable screen provides greater convenience.


  • Wireless printing using a rechargeable battery
  • Wi-Fi Direct for continuous connectivity
  • Many configurations are available with an adjustable screen.
  • Printing without borders maximises page use.


  • The lightweight design allows for easy transportation.
  • Support for many page sizes improves versatility.
  • High print resolution for exceptional results.


  • The cost of printing is a little high.

4) Smart iCards PVC

smart iCards PVC printer

When used with the Epson PictureMate PM-520 Photo Printer, this PVC card ID card tray produces excellent results. It has maximum compatibility, allowing you to use it with a variety of printers.

To save time, the ID card tray can easily hold two PVC cards. The ink cartridge type allows you to print a variety of items. You may also print in high quality with this product. One of the best aspects about the product is that it is reasonably priced.


  • Long-lasting design for long-term use
  • The simple design allows for easy use.
  • PVC cards with multifunctional designs


  • Design with two card slots to save time.
  • High compatibility for user benefit.
  • Type of ink cartridge for multipurpose printing.


  • The structure might have been more robust.

5) Epson L850 Multi-Function

Epson L850 Multi-Function

It has an all-in-one design that allows you to execute several functions. It includes a high-speed USB 2.0 connecting mechanism that is safe to use. It will provide efficient performance because it has increased page yield. The printer also allows you to save time by printing quickly. It has a higher resolution of 5760 DPI and can provide high-quality output.

Because it allows several page sizes, you can effortlessly print different products. It allows direct printing from the USB port, memory card slot, and PictBridge for optimal ease. The huge 2.7-inch LCD screen provides for simple operation. You will also receive a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Printing, copying, and scanning are all possible with its multifunctional design.
  • Variable page size support allows for more varied operation.
  • 5760 DPI resolution for outstanding results
  • Design for quick printing for optimal productivity


  • The large LCD screen makes operating simple.
  • System of USB 2.0 connection for quick results.
  • Improved page yield for improved efficiency.


  • There are no wireless connectivity options.

6) ANG PVC ID Card Tray

ANG PVC ID card Tray printer

It is ideal for producing various sorts of ID cards and has enhanced capabilities. It comes in a pack of four to provide value for money. The device is ideal for Epson inkjet printers, and you may even choose between several models.

PVC card ID card tray is ideal for business applications. It is also incredibly durable for long-term use. For increased efficiency, a single tray may hold two IDs at once. This custom PVC card tray is compatible with the previously stated Epson L850 Multi-Function printer.


  • For best productivity, two IDs are supported.
  • Simple design for ease of usage
  • Combination set for commercial use


  • High compatibility with many printer models.
  • A strong design increases durability.
  • The pack of four is good value for money.


  • The build quality is not exceptional.

7) Epson L4160 All-in-One

epson L all in one printer

This printer’s tiny size allows for greater space economy. It has a 1.4-inch LCD screen for greater visibility. A high-capacity ink tank is also included, which eliminates the need for regular refilling. Because to the spill-free technology, you can even fill without difficulty. The product has a high page yield of 7000 pages, allowing it to provide efficient performance.

With a resolution of 5760 DPI, it can produce crisp printouts. The remarkable print speed of 33 pages per minute contributes to increased productivity. It also has a Wi-Fi capability that allows you to print wirelessly. The product is covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Spill-free technology eliminates unnecessary trouble.
  • The large ink tank eliminates the need for regular refilling.
  • A large LCD screen increases visibility.
  • Small footprint to save space


  • Page yield that is both powerful and efficient.
  • Superior print speed increases productivity.
  • Wi-Fi capability for wireless printing.


  • The software may have been more effective.

8) Shivam Technology PVC ID

shivam technology PVC ID printer

This one is great for everybody because of its incredibly portable design. With Wi-Fi connectivity, it is simple to use with cellphones. It has automatic duplex printing, which allows you to print on both sides at the same time. The product is ideal for Epson inkjet printers of various kinds.

It guarantees a great fit and is also extremely durable. It provides optimum ease and may even be used to generate large-size ID cards. The highest monochrome print speed of the product is 15 PPM. This PVC card tray is compatible with the Epson L4160 All-in-One Ink Tank printer.


  • Strong structure for long-term use
  • Portable design for simple transport
  • Maximum compatibility enables for usage with a variety of printers.


  • Fast monochrome printing saves time.
  • Big capacity for printing large IDs.
  • Automatic duplex printing ensures smooth operation.


  • It is easily damaged.

9) Epson L6490 All-in-One Ink

epson L all in one Ink printer

It provides auto duplex printing for your convenience. It has a borderless printing capability that allows you to print entirely on A4 paper. Spill-free ink technology might help you avoid making a mess. It also saves time with a fast print speed of 15 IPM. It is ideal for everybody due to the integrated tank design.

It also comes with Wi-Fi Direct and Ethernet for a wireless experience. You may print from four devices at the same time by connecting it to a router. It has a multipurpose design and can perform a variety of functions. The small design might also help you save room. It includes an automated document feeder, which is useful for multi-page copying and scanning.


  • The use of a router enables the connection of four devices.
  • Auto-duplex printing avoids the need to change the page.
  • Ethernet support allows you to go entirely wireless.
  • Design that is versatile enough to handle numerous responsibilities


  • User-friendly automatic document feeder.
  • Multifunctional design improves productivity.
  • Spill-free technology keeps everything clean.


  • The printing speed is rather sluggish.


SKRILL PVC ID Card printer

It comes with an ID card tray as well as authentic black ID cards for your convenience. It allows you to produce many sorts of ID cards with high-quality outcomes. The best part is that it can be used with a variety of Epson printers. This card tray is compatible with the Epson All-in-One Ink Tank printer.

The high-quality PVC material contributes to the product’s lifespan. It may provide high-quality results without the need for a costly thermal card printer. It also provides more convenience with two card slots. Because it supports pigment ink and dry ink, the product will endure longer.


  • Five authentic black ID cards are provided for user convenience.
  • Dual card slots for more convenience
  • Compatibility of dry ink and pigment ink


  • The long-lasting PVC material provides good value for money.
  • Compatibility with several Epson printer models is excellent.
  • Simple design allows for simple installation.


  • There is no installation guide provided.

Advantages of Using a PVC Card Printer

Better image quality: The image quality of plastic cards generated on a PVC card printer is excellent. Cards made digitally have higher quality and the possibility of colour printing. In addition to excellent photos, the text is much more readable and clear.

Protection: the digitally produced cards have holographic layers on them. These cards are also tamper-resistant and cannot be readily manipulated. As a result, PVC printed cards are difficult to replicate.

Durability: Digitally produced ID cards are not prone to being damaged when exposed to heat or when in touch with any liquid chemical. The lamination on these cards is also resistant to UV light and water, allowing them to endure.

PVC Card Printer Buying Guide

The usage of ID cards is not limited to the business world. ID cards are utilised in educational institutions, the government sector, and even on public transportation. As a result, it is critical to understand how many and what quality ID cards you will need to print in order to select the appropriate printer for your needs. Here is a list of items to think about:

The printer employs technology

PVC ID card printers use one of two technologies: DTC (Direct to Card) and reverse transfer (retransfer). Direct to Card technique incorporates dye-sublimation, in which the print head heats each ribbon panel, converting the ink to vapour.

The vapour spreads across the card’s surface. Direct to Card is a quick process that produces the best results with monochrome or colour photos. This approach yields resolutions of up to 300 dots per inch (DPI). This printing technique results in a white border around the printed card.

The retransfer or reverse transfer method, like the Direct to Card printing process, employs a similar technology. Printing across the edges is achievable with the retransfer printing process. There are no white areas on the printed cards. Printing on uneven surfaces is also possible with the retransfer process (proximity or smart cards). The retransfer method is slower than DTC methods and provides a resolution of up to 600 dots.

Lamination and hologram layers

Some PVC card printers provide laminating in addition to encoding. Lamination adds a protective covering to the card, extending its lifespan. While few printers offer thin films, some may also offer substantial layers. Naturally, the thicker lamination covering is superior and lasts longer. In addition to these characteristics, the holographic layers give security and secrecy to the cards.


While conventional PVC printers have a USB 2.0 interface, other variants have Ethernet connections for direct printing. Because of the Ethernet connectivity, several users may operate on the same printer from various parts of the business. Aside from connection, dependable software is also essential. Installing and making available compatible software is possible.

Final Thoughts

PVC ID Card printers, as stated previously in this article, are essential in practically every industry. Along with that, it is critical to maintain the quality of the ID cards, which will serve as an image for the business or institution. As a result, this guide has been put together to assist you in purchasing the best PVC card printer for your needs.


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