Canon Pixma G3000 vs G3010 vs G3012

Let’s take a look at the specifications of the Canon Pixma G3000 vs G3010 vs G3012 comparison review:

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G3000 vs G3010 vs G3012

  • CANON G3000
  • CANON G3010
  • CANON G3012

Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Functionality All-In-One Ink Tank All-In-One Ink Tank All-In-One Ink Tank
Cost Cheapest Moderate Highest
Maximum number of prints per one full refill (Page yield) 7000 Prints 7000 Prints 7000 Prints
Print Per Minute (Print speed) 8.8 pages (B/W) 5 pages (colour) 8.8 pages (B/W) 5 pages (colour) 8.8 pages (B/W) 5 pages (colour)
Ink Cost ~2200 Rs ~2200 Rs ~2200 Rs
Cost Per Print 8 Paise For B/W 21 Paise For Color 8 Paise For B/W 21 Paise For Color 8 Paise For B/W 21 Paise For Color
Display Not Available 1.2 In Display 1.2 In Display
Ideal User Students Home Small businesses Students Home Small businesses Students Home Small businesses
Power Usage Low Low Low
OS Support Windows 7 or higher macOS Windows 7 or higher Windows 7 or higher
ADF Not Available Not Available Not Available
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year


Canon is one of the oldest and most well-known brands in the printer industry, and it is known for producing some of the highest-quality printers on the market today. They have always released items that are most valuable to a specific segment of the consumer population: residences and small businesses. Canon has been making some of the best printers on the market.

They have always demonstrated quality in their products, whether for small businesses, families, or students. Today’s study is an in-depth Canon Pixma G3000 vs G3010 vs G3012 printer comparison. In each area, these are a few of the top printers on the market, with amazing features and reasonable pricing. Though all three printers have fantastic features, some of them are better suited to a certain audience.

Canon Pixma G3000 vs. G3010 vs. G3012

All three printers were designed with a wide range of customer requirements in mind. The majority of the characteristics are the same; however, there are certain variances between the three models that allow them to be used in different categories. Although these versions are priced differently, the variations are limited to a few more features.

Let’s have a look at some of the features they offer in relation to their pricing range and the type of performance they offer.


In terms of design, the Canon G3000, G3010, and G3012 all have the same form factor. The design is appropriate for both households and small offices. The entire body is made of high-quality plastic that appears to be highly sturdy. All of the printers have a small footprint and can be installed anywhere in the home or workplace. Because the ink tank is incorporated into the body, the overall dimension is somewhat increased.

The User Interface

User Interface: There is a small 1.2-inch display screen on both Canon G3010 and G3012 model

Canon Pixma G3000 vs. G3010 vs. G3012

The main distinction between these three printers is in their UI/UX. The display function is one of the key differences between the G3000 and the other two printers. Both the G3010 and G3012 models have a modest 1.2-inch display screen that allows the user to navigate through the printer’s different features. This feature is not available in the Canon G3000 model.

The display panel was a vital element that Canon should have included in this model as well, at a price range of 12,000 Rs. The Canon G3000 weighs around 5.8 Kg, which is rather heavy. The G3010 and G3012 models are 500 grammes more than the G3000, making them a touch heavy in terms of mobility.

Print and Scan Options

According to our research, all three models can create high-quality prints at a resolution of 48001200. The scanner resolution is 6001200 dpi, which is shared by all three printers. All three models can print on paper with a weight of up to 275 GSM and have great photo print quality. All of these printers offer all-in-one capabilities, which allows them to Scan, Print, and Copy. 

The copy function can print a maximum of 20 copies at once. None of the printers have an ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) capability that automatically prints on both sides. At a price of roughly Rs13000 for the G3012 model, it is undeniably disappointing.

The Canon G3000 printer is the noisiest of the three, whereas the other two printers produce less noise while functioning. All three versions print at 8.8 pages per minute in black and 5 pages per minute in colour. In addition, it can print a 46-inch borderless photo in 60 seconds.

The Price of Ink

The ink tank model serves as the foundation for all three variants. Because all three are ink tank models, they have plenty of ink storage and can give you with low-cost printing with high yield.

Ink for Canon G3000: G3000 is compatible with GI-790 CYMB inks. It is easily accessible both online and offline. A full set of ink bottles costs roughly 2200 Rs. There are numerous different third-party low-cost inks that are marketed as genuine Canon ink. To achieve optimal productivity and quality, we recommend that you use real ink.

The G3000 has a page yield of roughly 7000 prints per refill. These figures are adequate for an ink tank printer. As a result, the print cost for all three is around 8 paisa for black and 21 paisa for coloured prints.

Canon G3010 Ink Cost: The ink used and cost per page are comparable to the G3000, with the exception of page yield. According to Canon, the brochure G3010 can print up to 7000 pages, but our investigation revealed that at low settings, it can print roughly 7300 pages. Aside from that, they are identical.

Canon G3012 Ink Cost: The G3012 uses the same ink as the G3000 and G3010. They all use the same type of ink and have very similar page costs, however the G3012 has the upper hand in this category. In addition, with modest settings, the page yield for this model is around 7500.

The technique of refilling ink is likewise fairly similar. These printers include spill-proof ink refills. As a result, you won’t have to get your hands dirty every time you refill the ink tank.

Support For Connectivity And Operating Systems

Canon G3000, G3010, and G3012 printers come with a variety of networking options. In all three models, Canon includes wired USB connectivity as well as wireless WiFi connectivity. This is useful for anyone considering adopting these models in the office. The WiFi connectivity feature enables remote printing from any location in the world via wireless access.

Furthermore, wireless networking eliminates the need to manage a connected connection to a printer. It also supports the Canon SELPHY App, which allows you to wirelessly print and scan documents.

The key difference between the three versions, however, is in the OS compatibility options they offer. The Canon G3000 is the only model among the three that supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. G3010 and G3012 only work with the Windows operating system. With the growing number of Mac users, it’s a shame to see Canon develop devices that aren’t compatible with Apple’s operating system.

The majority of professionals use Mac devices both personally and professionally, and the Canon G3010 and G3012 do not appear to be a good fit for them. We can only hope that they will start supporting Mac in the future.

Warranty and Customer Service

Canon is well-known for providing excellent technical assistance for their goods in terms of customer service. Aside from that, all printer spare parts and ink refill for ink tank printers are readily available in both online and offline locations. All three models are covered by a one-year or 30,000-print warranty, whichever comes first.


  • With the exception of a few distinct support features, all three printers offer nearly identical characteristics. As a result, we shall discuss the disadvantages of which printer in this series lacks certain functions
  • One significant disadvantage of these versions is the lack of Mac operating system support in the Canon G3010 and 3012. With the majority of the office utilising iMac computers, they should have provided Mac OS support as well. Many other printers provide Mac compatibility at a lower cost
  • Another disadvantage of the G3000 is that it makes a lot of noise while working, which can be bothersome. The Canon G310 and 3012 are slightly quieter than the G3000.
  • Similarly, the G3000 is not a power-efficient machine, drawing a lot of electricity while working and sleeping. In comparison, the G3010 and G3012 consume less power than the G3000.
  • One of the other key disadvantages of these devices is their price. There are other other printer models on the market that offer the same functionality at a considerably lower price.
  • The Canon G3000 does not support the Message in App, Mopira, or Easy Photoprint Plus applications, as do the other printers on our list.

Comparison Review: Canon Pixma G3000 vs G3010 vs G3012


Canon G3000, G3010, and G3012 offer a wonderful set of functions for a variety of customers, including office and home users. In terms of performance, all three are quite close to one other, or can be said to be almost equivalent. However, each model is not ideal for everyone and caters to diverse consumer needs.

G3000 is an ideal partner for small office requirements due to a combination of useful overall features and numerous OS support. It can be useful at the office due to the built-in WiFi connectivity. However, the lack of Mac OS support prevents the G3010 and G3012 from being an ideal printing companion for the office. Despite the fact that it is ideal for usage in homes and schools.

The price for the G3010 and 3012 is slightly more; nevertheless, given the brand name of Canon and the type of products they offer, the price is reasonable. The excellent image printing quality and high build quality make it well worth the price. Although these models are recommended for purchase at this price, we would have liked to see some advanced features such as ADF at this price.

Canon G3010 is my pick from this series. I chose the G3010 above other models because it is inexpensive and has all of the necessary functions.

If you want to buy a printer at this price range, consider the Canon 3000 series. It offers all of the features expected of a printer and is backed by Canon’s highest quality standards.

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