Canon G6070 Vs Brother MFC-T910DW Printer #1 Best Comparison

Canon G6070 vs Brother MFC-T910DW: This article will go into several aspects of these printers Canon G6040 and Brother MFC-T910DW to help you in selecting the best one for your purposes.

Canon G6070 Vs Brother MFC-T910DW Specs

  • CANON G6070

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Type Ink Tank Ink Tank
Functions Print, Scan and Copy Print, Scan, Copy and Fax
Page Yield (Black/Colour) 6,000 Black 7,700 Colour 6,500 Black 5,000 Colour
Cost Per Print 9 Paise For B/W 23 Paise For Colour 8 Paise For B/W 26 Paise For Colour
Print Speed (Black/Colour) 13 ipm for B/W 7 ipm for Colour 12 ipm for B/W 10 ipm for Colour
Display Yes Yes (LCD)
Wi-Fi Yes Yes
Bluetooth No No
ADF No Yes (Single-sided)
Duplex Printing Automatic Automatic
Paper Tray Capacity 350 Sheets 230 Sheets
GSM 300 GSM 220 GSM
Duty Cycle 150-1500 Prints/Mo 150-1500 Prints/Mo
OS MS Windows Mac OS MS Windows Mac OS
Maximum Print Resolution 4800 x 1200 DPI 1,200 x 6,000 DPI
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Printers are now one of the most important pieces of workplace equipment. Over the previous few decades, offices and major organisations have purchased a significant number of printers manufactured by printer manufacturing businesses. Because of the growing demand, manufacturers have begun to design printers for office use.

Two good examples of workplace printers are the Canon Pixma G6070 and the Brother MFC-T910DW. They contain features like duplex printing, document feeders, and wireless connectivity to help users be more productive.

This article will go into several characteristics of these printers to guide you in selecting the best one for your needs.

Canon G6070 vs Brother MFC-T910DW Feature Comparison

Canon G6070 Vs Brother MFC-T910DW Feature Comparison


A printer’s aesthetics are almost as crucial as any other feature. Because, nowadays, it’s not only about looks; ergonomics and logistics are also taken into account when building a printer. When it comes to logistics, these two printers are quite comparable. They both have comparable proportions and take up little room. However, there are some variances in other areas.

  • The Canon G6070 features a moveable user interface in front of the printer. Although the UI is appropriate for continuous work, it is lacking in functionality. This has an impact on the printer’s ergonomics. Aside from these difficulties, this printer is significantly smaller than the other Brother printer.
  • The Brother MFC-T910DW printer is designed to be user-friendly. The user interface may be adjusted so that the printer can be used from any angle. The aesthetics of this one should be enhanced, but it has a sensible design.

Print, Scan, Copy, and Fax Options

Let’s get down to business with this comparison. Before we get into the apparent features of these printers, let’s address the elephant in the room (although an old elephant): the Brother T910DW includes an additional feature that may be useful for some businesses: faxing. Even though faxing is becoming increasingly obsolete, some businesses continue to use it as a means of communication. So, if faxing is important to you, the Brother printer is the way to choose.

Otherwise, let’s go over the other features in more detail.

Print Properties

The Canon G6070 printer has several functions, including printing, scanning, and copying. The projected page yield or print output from one ink refill is roughly 6,000 black and white prints and 7,700 colour prints. This Canon printer costs approximately 9 paise per print in black and white and 23 paise in colour. The CPP is quite identical to the majority of ink tank printers on the market; nothing exceptional here.

  • When compared to other printers, this printer’s print speed is above average: 13 impressions per minute for black and white prints and 6.8 impressions per minute for colour printing. The Canon G6070 is capable of automatic two-sided printing.
  • The largest paper size accepted by this printer is 300 GSM. Another significant feature of this printer is that it can receive paper from two distinct trays (front and top), allowing us to load two different page sizes (types). It will use the page size we specified. The suggested monthly duty cycle is 1,500 prints. This printer can hold up to 350 sheets of paper (75 GSM) in its various paper chambers.
  • When it comes to printing efficiency, the Brother MFC-T910DW has a page yield of roughly 6,500 black and white prints and 5,500 colour prints. According to ISO standards, the print speed for black and white printing is 12 impressions per minute and 10 impressions per minute for colour printing. According to the statistics, this printer’s colour printing speed is above average. This printer’s cost per print is approximately 8 paise for black and white printing and 26 paise for colour printing.
  • This printer can also print on both sides. Unlike the Canon printer, we cannot load several sizes of paper at the same time and let the printer determine the paper size for each page automatically.
  • To print a different page size with this printer, we must manually adjust the tray settings from the printer settings. This printer can print photos directly from a USB drive (not a popular option). The maximum page size supported is 220 GSM. This printer’s monthly duty cycle is comparable to that of the Canon printer. This printer’s two paper chambers can hold up to 220 pages.

Scan Options

A flatbed Contact Imaging Sensor (CIS) scanner is included with the Canon G6070 (a very common type of scanner). However, this printer lacks an automated document feeder, which is a little disappointment from Canon.

A flatbed CIS scanner is also included with the Brother MFC-T910DW. This printer has an advantage over the other Canon printers in that it includes automatic document feeder scanning. Users can utilise the ADF capability to scan papers through a mechanical document feeder. This document feeder, however, does not support two-sided scanning.

Copy Features

Both of these printers have the same copy feature. To produce copies of papers, we have quick copy buttons on the user interface, and we can modify the image scaling from 25% to 400% from the interface itself.

Features of an Ink Tank

Brother MFC-T910DW Ink Bottles

Both of these printers operate on the refillable ink tank printing technique. This eliminates the need to replace the cartridge every time the printer runs out of ink. The ink reservoir is clear to allow users can see the current ink level. For both printers, the ink bottle set (CYMB) costs roughly Rs. 2,000. Because of the possibility of ink clotting, it is recommended to use original ink rather than third-party ink.

Check the current stock of Canon G6070 original ink

Check the availability of Brother MFC-T910DW original ink 

Wireless Connectivity

Both of these printers have Wi-Fi connectivity in addition to USB connectivity. They have a router, so you won’t need to buy anything more to use the wireless capability. As an added bonus, these printers support a variety of third-party printing services, including:

User Interface

Both of these printers feature a tiltable user interface that allows the user to operate from various angles. However, there are several differences between these printers, such as;

The Canon G6070 printer only has a segmented display, which I believe is inadequate for the price we pay for this printer. Because the user interface has a limited amount of buttons, we must navigate through the menu selections to use each one.

The Brother printer boasts a huge (larger than other printers) LCD screen that is particularly handy for users. We can keep track of each and every operation completed by this printer thanks to the wide screen. The UI provides us with a plethora of ready-to-use buttons.

Warranty and OS Support

Both printers are compatible with the two most popular operating systems in the United States: Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. In terms of warranties, both give up to one year or 30,000 prints, whichever comes first.

Buy Canon G6070

Buy Brother MFC-T910DW


To summarise, the Canon G6070 and Brother MFC-T910DW are two of the most affordable automatic duplex printers on the market. While the Brother printer has some additional user-specific capabilities, such as an ADF, the Canon printer comes close with its numerous page loading options. If you want a printer with faxing or automatic document scanning, the Brother printer is the way to go, or if you want an inexpensive automatic duplex printer, the Canon printer is the way to go.

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