Canon Pixma G3000 Color Printer – Best Review

Canon Pixma G3000 Review: The new way of living is digital. Everything is available to you digitally in today’s modern culture. Mobile phones, laptop computers, and routers are our constant companions. Printers are the most recent addition to our list of must-have items. Nowadays, we require printouts for a variety of reasons.

Everyone, from school pupils to offices and educational institutions, has to print physical copies of various papers on occasion. This is why everyone feels the need to constantly have a printer and copier machine nearby. However, purchasing a printer is not a simple operation. Many factors must be considered while deciding on the best option for yourself based on your needs and resources.

We will provide an overview of the Canon Pixma G3000 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Color Printer. This will allow you to learn everything there is to know about this product and weigh all of your options before purchasing it.

Canon Pixma G3000 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Color Printer

Canon PIXMA G3000 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Colour Printer

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Canon is one of the most established names in the image business. They manufacture some of the highest-quality printers on the market today. Their goods are practical and convenient, especially for home users and small company owners.

Canon Pixma G3000 is a colour all-in-one printer using ink tank technology. It offers a high page yield when used at home. It combines a printer, scanner, and copier into a single unit. Wireless communication expands its performance capabilities. It also has a very cheap printing cost.

Canon Pixma G3000 Key Features

Canon PIXMA G3000 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Colour Printer

Printer Classification

The Canon Pixma G3000 is a printer with an ink tank. This is an improved form of inkjet technology. Ink cartridges for ink tank printers are significantly less expensive than inkjet cartridges. This reduces the cost of printing per page to a very low level. In reality, the spill-proof refill method for these cartridges is actually incredibly simple and straightforward. The ink tank printers have a built-in tank with four compartments. Each container is coloured differently — cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.


This printer is multi-functional. It has three main levels of operation: printing, scanning, and copying. This printer has a scanning resolution of up to 600 x 1200 dpi. The copy function may make a maximum of 20 copies at one time. However, with a noise level of 46dB, it receives comments about being a somewhat noisy printer.


This Canon printer has two connection options. It supports both wired and wireless connections. The wired connection is compatible with the standard 2.0 USB interface. However, a wireless connection is more convenient since it eliminates the need for a network or other equipment to connect your printer to. Wireless networking allows for remote printing from any location through Wi-Fi. The Canon Pixma G3000 printer also supports the ‘Selphy’ app for wireless printing and scanning. Another fantastic feature of this printer is its OS support system. This variant is compatible with both Windows and Apple operating systems.

Print Resolution and Speed

The printer is capable of producing extremely high-quality prints. It can print at a resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi. This print quality is created at a speed of 8.8 ipm for black ink and five ipm for coloured inks. It can handle heavy usage of up to 300 pages per month. According to ISO standards, you may achieve such amazing quality and speed of printing for only 9 paise per page for black and white prints and 32 paise per page for colour prints. It is unable to do automated duplex printing.


Canon has a well-known brand name for providing exceptional technical assistance for all of their products. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a limited 1-year or 15,000 print warranty, whichever comes first, from the date of purchase. Aside from that, you can find all of the printer’s spare components in both the internet and offline markets. This relieves you of a lot of stress.


This printer accommodates a wide range of page sizes. Examples include 4.0 “x6.0”, A4, A5, Legal, Letter, and B5. The high page yield of this machine is another key attribute of this device. When the ink cartridges are full, they can produce up to 13,000 pages – 7000 colour pages and 6000 monochrome pages. This printer produces borderless prints.


This item features a lovely, small, and intelligent design. This machine’s size and weight make it perfect for use in homes and workplaces. The entire body is built of durable plastic, ensuring longevity. It is not equipped with a display screen. The integrated ink tank, on the other hand, increases the total size of this machine.

Within the Box

At the time of purchase, the printer comes with an ink tank and cartridge unit, six bottles of ink (3 bottles of black ink, one cyan, one magenta, and one yellow), two print heads, a power cable, a USB cable, a handbook, and a driver.


  • Printing and scanning quality is excellent.
  • Photo prints on coated paper are excellent.
  • The operational costs are really minimal.
  • Compact dimensions and light weight are advantageous for mobility.
  • Wireless connectivity and simple app connections


  • Setting up wireless connectivity might be challenging.
  • Printing speed may have been improved.
  • It creates a lot of noise.

Canon Pixma G3000 Buying Guide

printer buying guide


All home and office printers have multi-function capabilities. They are much more than a printer. This ensures the device’s adaptability. Most of these devices have scanning, photocopying, and printing capabilities. So be sure to select one that can give you with more adaptability.


The second feature to look for is connectivity. Newer printers include both wired and wireless networking options. This increases the printers’ usefulness. The wireless connection allows you to connect your PC or mobile device to the printer from anywhere. The Canon PIXMA G3000 not only offers USB and Wi-Fi connectivity, but it also includes app support for a better printing experience.

Printing rate

Any printer’s printing speed is an essential component. The pace is measured in ppm or ipm, which stand for pages per minute and pictures per minute, respectively. Each printer has a distinct print speed for black and colour printing. You must determine your necessary speed based on your usage habits.

Resolution of Display (dpi)

Printing quality is another factor that is linked to printing speed. The resolution of any printing is the most important factor. DPI is the resolution measurement unit. DPI is an abbreviation for dots per inch. More dots per inch equates to higher print quality.

Ownership Costs

Ownership refers to the whole cost of the printer, including the cost of maintenance and printing. The total of all of these factors determines the cost of ownership for every printer. Before investing in anything, consider examining the whole cost of the machine.

Final Decision

Canon Pixma G3000 is an excellent multi-function printer. It may not be the cheapest product on the market, but it is unquestionably a good value for money purchase. It offers excellent printing and scanning quality. With this printer, you may print high-quality images. So, if you want to buy this thing, simply do it. You’re always good to go if you get everything right.


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