Epson L3150 vs HP 410 Ink Tank Printer #1 Best Comparisson

Epson L3150 vs HP 410: This post will go over numerous aspects of these printers, Epson L3150 and HP 410 Ink Tank Printer, to guide you in deciding which one is best for your needs.

Comparison of Epson L3150 vs HP 410 Specifications

  • EPSON L3150
  • HP 410

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EPSON L3150 HP 410
Type Ink Tank Ink Tank
Functions Print, Scan and Copy Print, Scan and Copy
Page Yield (Black/Colour) 4,000 Black 7,500 Colour 4,000 Black 8,000 Colour
Cost Per Print 7 Paise For B/W 18 Paise For Colour 10 Paise For B/W 18 Paise For Colour
Print Speed (Black/Colour) 10 ipm for B/W 5 ipm for Colour 8 ipm for B/W 4 ipm for Colour
Display No Yes
Wi-Fi Yes Yes
Bluetooth No No
Duplex Printing Manual Only Manual Only
Paper Tray Capacity 100 Sheets 60 Sheets
GSM 180 GSM 300 GSM
Duty Cycle 400-800 Prints/Mo 400-800 Prints/Mo
OS MS Windows Mac OS (Reported Issues) MS Windows Mac OS
Maximum Print Resolution 5760 x 1440 DPI 4800 x 1200 DPI
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Printers have been more user-friendly in recent years, thanks to technological advancements and price reductions. This, in turn, has resulted in the widespread adoption of printers in everyday life. Epson and HP, two well-known printer makers, spotted an opportunity and created two famous ink tank printers: the Epson L3150 and the HP 410.

These two printers sold tens of thousands of units and contributed to their respective firms’ dominance in this market. Today, we’ll compare the Epson L3150 and HP 410 printers to help you decide which one is best for you.

Comparison of Epson L3150 vs HP 410

Print, copy, and scan capabilities

Because these are refillable ink tank printers, the maintenance and ink costs are significantly lower when compared to traditional inkjet printers. Other functionalities, however, have variable performance levels based on the technology used by each of these organisations, particularly the print, copy, and scan functions.

Print Characteristics

Printing is the most important element of a printer; it is even referred to as the PRINTER. When we look more closely at the print features, we can identify some parallels and differences; let us go over those:


  • The Epson L3150 has a black and white print speed of 10 ipm and a colour print speed of 5 ipm. Impressions per minute (ipm) is measured in accordance with ISO standards, making it more dependable than pages per second (ppm). The page yield of the L3150 printer is around 4,000 black and white prints and 7,500 colour prints.
  • The cost of printing ink is approximately 7 paise for black and white printing and 18 paise for colour printing. This printer supports manual duplexing, which is aided by the printer software. This printer supports a maximum paper thickness of 180 GSM. This printer’s input tray can handle up to 100 sheets.

HP 410

  • The HP 410 printer can print at an average speed of 8 ipm in black and white and 5 ipm in colour. The maximum number of print outputs per refill (or page yield) for black and white printing is roughly 4,000 sheets and 8,000 sheets for colour printing. This printer’s cost per print is roughly 10 paise for black and white printing and 18 paise for colour printing. This printer, like the previous one, enables manual duplex printing.
  • This printer supports a maximum paper thickness of 300 GSM. This means that we can utilise high-quality glossy photo paper with this printer. This printer’s paper tray can handle up to 60 sheets.

Copy Features

This is the second most commonly used feature in a multi-function printer. In both printers, this feature is nearly identical. Both include a rapid copy button in their interfaces, allowing us to make copies without having to connect the printer to a PC. We can also increase the size of the copy from 25% to 400%.

Scan Options

This functionality is shared by both of these printers. There is no mechanism for an automatic document feeding. Both employ flatbed image scanning devices. Everything else is in accordance with current industry norms.

Features of an Ink Tank

hp ink tank

The Epson L3150 and HP 410 both include refillable ink tanks that serve as ink reservoirs for the cartridges. As a result, anytime the printer is turned on, ink will be fed from the tank. One of the primary concerns with this design is that there is a greater risk of ink clotting if the printer is left unused. It is strongly advised to use this printer at least once a week to take at least 2-3 colour and black and white prints to reduce the possibility of ink drying.

Both include a spill-free system for refilling the ink tanks, and you can easily refill them yourself. Another interesting feature is the transparent ink tanks, which allow you to check ink levels without the use of any computer software.

Another topic to cover in this section is the usage of low-cost third-party inks. Due to the significant risk of cartridge damage and warranty conditions violation, it is recommended to use genuine manufacturer inks rather than other low-cost third-party inks.

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Features of Wireless Connectivity

Both of these printers are among the most affordable WiFi-enabled ink tank printers available. That is one of the primary reasons why people purchase these printers. This printer has a single-band WiFi router that supports WiFi direct. Wireless commands can be sent using the manufacturer’s mobile apps or third-party printing tools like Google Cloud Print. Apple’s AirPrint app’s compatibility is currently unknown, and there are no visual indications of its support in any of their product manuals.

Even if these printers did not enable third-party printing applications, the corporate apps are sufficient for the majority of printing tasks.

UI Aspects

One of the most important aspects of every modern electronic device is the user interface. While the software user interfaces of these printers are comparable, we noted some variances in the physical user interface: the control panel. One of the most significant shortcomings of the Epson L3150 is the lack of display functions.

As a result, we must rely on the flickering LEDs to decipher what the printer is saying to us. The HP 410, on the other hand, has a segmented display that will help us keep track of print progress, wireless connectivity, error codes, and so on.

Warranty and Operating System Support

Both of these printers claim to be compatible with Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS. However, there have been some user concerns about the Epson L3150’s compatibility with Mac OS. If you have a Mac device, I think it’s worth noting.

In terms of warranty, both offer a one-year warranty for manufacture defects. Claims for ink drying and physical damage are not covered by the guarantee.

Epson L3150 vs HP 410 Printer Comparison


It’s difficult to choose between these two. However, for the purposes of this comparison, I would make some recommendations. If you own a Mac OS device, the HP solution is preferable due to the seamless connection. If you want a larger page yield, I recommend the Epson L3150, which has the largest ink tank capacity in this group.

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