Epson L3152 Wi-Fi All in One Ink Tank Printer Review

In this review, we will look at Epson L3152 all-in-one printer, followed by a short buying guide to ensure you have everything you need.

In today’s environment, having a printer in every home and workplace is vital. Whether it’s for your child’s school project or important paperwork for your business, having a printer in your home is always useful. If not, you may require a printer that can do simple photocopies and even scan your papers in addition to printing to provide an all-in-one solution.

However, selecting the finest solution for your budget and needs is not a simple process. Because the market is brimming with possibilities, each with its own unique set of attributes and features that will leave you befuddled. So, before investing in any goods, conduct thorough research and then select what is ideal for you.

Epson L3152 Review

Before we get into the specifics, we can say in a nutshell that the Epson L3152 model is a fantastic multi-functional printer with incredible capabilities. It is suited for home users, small businesses, and offices.

It features a high page yield capacity per cartridge for both black and colour printing. Furthermore, it is capable of performing its core function of printing with a resolution of up to 5760 dpi. It can provide borderless printing, which is still another advantage. And the ease of wireless printing takes it a step further.

Another fantastic feature that sets it apart from many other printers in this price range is its low per-page printing cost. Now, let us go through this in further detail.

Important Features

1) Printer Make and Model

The Epson L3152 is a printer with an ink tank. Ink tank cartridges are less expensive than inkjet cartridges. For them, the refill process is also lot simpler and easier. One side of the printer is equipped with a four-color integrated ink tank. The tank is divided into four compartments: black, cyan, magenta, and yellow.

Ink tank technology is a modernised form of inkjet printers. Ink tanks are less complicated to operate and maintain.

2) Usability

This is a multi-functional printer that can do printing, scanning, and photocopying. It contains a flatbed colour picture scanner in addition to its excellent printing technology. It features a 1200 x 2400 dpi optical resolution. The scanner can scan at 200 dpi in 11 seconds for black and white pages and 28 seconds for colour pages. Furthermore, the copier can copy in both black and white and colour at a noteworthy pace.

3) Accessibility

Epson L3152

This Epson printer has both wired and wireless networking. The connected connection is a standard 2.0 USB interface. You may effortlessly connect your PC or laptop to this printer using the USB cord.

However, the wireless method is considerably more handy and simpler. This connectivity option allows you to connect up to four devices to your printer without using a router. This is a significant benefit. Furthermore, additional features like as iPrint, remote print driver, Google cloud print, and email print driver make printing easier.

4) Print Resolution and Speed

The L3152 printer is capable of producing extraordinarily high-resolution prints. It has a maximum resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi. Aside from its outstanding quality, it also boasts a fantastic printing speed, which you should enjoy. It can print black and white pages at a rate of 33 pages per minute and colour pages at a rate of 15 pages per minute. It offers duplex printing capabilities. However, you must operate it manually.

5) Warranty

The Epson L3152 printer comes with a one-year on-site warranty or up to 30,000 prints from the date of purchase, whichever comes first. This guarantee even includes print head coverage. As a result, you may be worry-free regarding the device’s upkeep for the next year. This is absolutely a huge relief.

6) Pages

This printer works with a variety of paper sizes, including A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, and DL. The page yield of each ink bottle is another notable characteristic of the Epson EcoTank L3152 printer. It can hold up to 12,000 pages — 4500 black and 7500 colour prints.

This takes us to another extremely essential element of this printer: the cost per page of printing. According to ISO standards, black and white printing costs seven paise per page and colour printing costs 18 paise per page.

7) Design

It boasts a slim and stylish design. Because the ink tank is linked to the printer, it takes up little room and can be placed anywhere in your home or workplace. This allows you to work more efficiently. Furthermore, because of its tiny size and lightweight, moving the machine from one location to another is highly convenient.

8) Inside the Box

Epson L3152

You will receive an instruction CD, a USB cable, and a power cord when you purchase this printer. Along with this, you will receive four bottles of original Epson ink for the T003 black, T003 cyan, T003 magenta, and T003 yellow.

  • Simple to use
  • Outstanding print quality
  • Value for Money
  • Wi-Fi and USB connections are both available.
  • Low-cost printing per page
  • No-spill refilling of ink tank cartridges
  • Structure that is compact and lightweight
  • Fast printing speed
  • Warranty coverage of 30,000 prints or one year
  • Installation is difficult.
  • There are no automated duplex functions.

Epson L3152 Wi-Fi All in One Ink Tank Printer

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Printers nowadays are equipped with many other functions beyond from simple printing. The extra functionalities boost your printer’s versatility. Scanning and photocopying are the most typical capabilities of multi-functional printers. As a result, you should always choose printers that can be utilised for printing, copying, and scanning.


The second key feature to look for is connectivity. Most current printers include wireless communication, sometimes known as Wi-Fi connectivity. It allows you to effortlessly connect your printer to your mobile phone, access other cloud storage, and print whatever you want without the risk of cables.

This Epson printer also provides the option of USB connectivity, which is a benefit. However, you should always choose printers with wireless connectivity as the primary connection.

Printing Rate (PPM)

Printers rely heavily on speed. Printing speed is represented as ppm and is determined by how many pages your printer can print in a minute (pages per minute). It differs between black and white and colour printing.

Your ppm need is determined by how much you utilise. If you need to print frequently, get a printer with a high ppm. Otherwise, you may settle with the ordinary ones.

Final Decision

As a result of this conversation, you should be able to select a printer for yourself. Epson Eco Tank L3150 is an excellent printer for your home, office, or small company. Its performance is reliable. If you’re seeking for a long-term solution at a reasonable price, this machine will meet all of your needs.

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