HP 310 vs 315 vs 319 #1 Best Printer Review

HP 310 VS 315 VS 319 Printer Review: This guide will go over many aspects of these printers, the HP 310, 315, and 319 All in One Ink Tank Printer, to help you decide which one is suitable for your purposes.

HP 310 VS 315 VS 319 Specification Comparison

  • HP 310
  • HP 315
  • HP 319
HP 310 HP 315 HP 319
Functionality All-In-One Ink Tank All-In-One Ink Tank All-In-One Ink Tank
Cost Cheapest Moderate Highest
Connectivity USB 2.0 USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Page yield (B/W) 4000 Prints 6000 Prints 15000 Prints
Page Yield (Colour) 8000 Prints 8000 Prints 8000 Prints
Print Per Minute (Print speed) 8 pages (B/W) 5 pages (colour) 8 pages (B/W) 5 pages (colour) 8 pages (B/W) 5 pages (colour)
Ink Cost ~2200 Rs ~2200 Rs ~2200 Rs
Cost Per Print 10 Paise For B/W 18 Paise For Colour 10 Paise For B/W 18 Paise For Colour 10 Paise For B/W 18 Paise For Colour
Display Yes Yes Yes
Ideal User Students Home Small businesses Students Home Small businesses Students Home Small businesses
Power Usage Low Low Low
OS Support Windows 7 or higher macOS Windows 7 or higher macOS Windows 7 or higher macOS
ADF Not Available Not Available Not Available
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Check Price Check Price Check Price

HP 310 VS 315 VS 319 Printer Review

hp 319 printer

Printers, one of the most important pieces of electronic equipment in today’s society, have made our lives so much easier. When we think of printers, the first brand that springs to mind is HP. HP has traditionally produced efficient, dependable, and cost-effective printers for Indian consumers. HP’s Ink tank series has effectively garnered the trust of purchasers looking for high-quality printers but are hesitant to commit a large sum of money.

The HP 310, 315, and 319 are three ink tank printers that have impressed both purchasers and professionals. Each of the three printers described above has its own strengths and distinctiveness, and if you’re wondering which one is the finest, we’re here to help. We conducted extensive research and created a comparison of HP 310 vs 315 vs 319 printers for your convenience and to assist you in making an informed purchasing decision.

Differences HP 310, 315, and 319 Printers

The HP 310 is the forerunner to the other two printers and the cheapest of the three. While the HP 310 is priced about Rs. 9000, the HP 315 and 319 are priced around Rs. 10000.

Another distinction worth noting is the page yield produced by each of these printers. With 4000 black pages and 8000 coloured pages, the HP 310 has the lowest page yield. While the HP 319 has the highest page yield (up to 15000 monochrome pages and 8000 coloured pages), The HP 315 printer comes in second place, with a page yield of 6000 monochrome pages and 8000 coloured pages.

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Let’s compare the key characteristics of the HP 310, 315, and 319.


All three printers are constructed of plastic and are well-built. These printers are quite small and can easily fit into even the smallest of areas. Their appearance is considered as modern and stylish. While the HP 310 and 315 printers are all black, the 319 comes in a visually pleasing shade of blue.

All of these printers have separate ink tanks that are transparent, allowing you to see when they run out of ink and replace accordingly. Refilling the ink tank is also a breeze. The ink comes in resealable bottles, allowing for easy refilling without any mess or spilling.

Print and Scan capabilities

The HP 310, 315, and 319 are all-in-one printers that can print, scan, and copy at the same time. The printing speed for all three printers is the same: 8 black pages and 5 coloured pages per minute.

When it comes to printing and scanning capabilities, the HP 310 characteristics are fairly similar to the 315 and 319 features.

These devices also have outstanding print quality. You can print fade-resistant, bright images that retain their great quality even after months of use and passing about. These printers can handle up to 300 GSM media, including glossy photo paper.

Ink Prices

HP 310 VS 315 VS 319 Printer Ink Comparison

These ink tank printers are an excellent low-cost alternative to the more expensive models on the market. The same may be said for their ink.

For monochrome pages, the page yield for each of these printers varies, with HP 319 having the greatest and HP 310 having the lowest. The HP 310 features a black and white print yield of 4000 pages and a colour print yield of 8000 pages. While the HP 315 has a page yield of 6000 black and white prints and 8000 colour prints. Finally, the HP 319 offers a page yield of 15000 for black and white prints and 8000 for colour prints.

Despite this, the cost per print is the same: 10 paisa for monochrome pages and 18 paisa for colour pages. The reason for this is the various ink tank sizes available with these printers.

Compatible inks for these printers include the HP GT52 Original Ink Bottle, which comes in three colours: cyan, magenta, and yellow, and the HP GT51, which comes in black. The original edition of this ink bottle bundle costs Rs. 2200. Cheaper third-party products are also available from local businesses, but their quality is inadequate, and we would not recommend them to you.


The HP 310, 315, and 319 printers only support USB 2.0 connectivity; no Wi-Fi connectivity is provided. The lack of wifi access, in my opinion, is a major letdown.


No Automatic Document Feeder: The printers do not have an auto-duplex feature. The auto-duplex feature allows users to automatically print on both sides of pages. This tool saves time and effort, especially when printing pages in quantity.

Wireless communication is not supported by any of these printers. This is clearly a significant disadvantage, as most printers in this price range or lower are already equipped with a Wi-Fi connection.

Printers can be quite noisy when they are in use.

Which Printer Should I Choose From the HP 300 Series?

This is a difficult question. All three printers have relatively comparable characteristics and are priced similarly.

If you are a casual user who prints just infrequently, the HP 310 is the best value of the three. However, its page yield is smaller than the others, so you’ll have to refill the tanks every couple of months.

HP 315 and 319 have the same price, but 319 has a better page yield than 315. As a result, if you need to print a large number of pages every day or want to invest in a printer with more powerful capabilities, choose the HP 319. We also liked 319’s aesthetic the best, with its all-black design and blue shading.


We can all agree that printers are an essential component of any computer. These machines are advantageous and should be purchased after examining a few key factors, such as printing high-quality, vivid photographs and important papers in a matter of seconds.

HP is a well-known brand known for its dependable, productive, and durable printers. And we understand that selecting an HP printer can appear to be a daunting undertaking because they all appear to be excellent and efficient. However, if you want an Ink tank printer that is not only high-quality but also inexpensive and uses little electricity, the HP 300 series printers are an excellent choice. These printers operate smoothly, and with a monthly duty cycle of up to 1000 pages, they are ideal for homes and small offices.

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