HP DeskJet 2729 Color Inkjet Printer – #1 Best Review

HP DeskJet 2729 Review: In our daily lives, we have a lot of critical papers on our computer or phone that we need to print from time to time. For example, we need to go out and travel to print some, and such stores are definitely not cheap. Printing a few copies of something costs us money and effort.

As a result, it would be a wise option to choose for a printer that can perform photocopies while also costing us less than those stores. There are several firms that provide such a printer that meets your needs and streamlines your job. These days, even children have a lot of projects to print, so having a printer at home is useful. So, let’s take a look at one of the most well-known printer manufacturing firms.

Hold your breath as we disclose all the info related the HP DeskJet 2729 All-in-One Printer, including unbiased pros and disadvantages to help you decide.

HP DeskJet 2729 All-in-One Wireless Color Inkjet Printer

HP Deskjet 2729 WiFi Colour Printer, Scanner and Copier for Home/Small Office, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Voice Activated Printing (Google Home and Alexa), Easy Set-up Through HP Smart App on Your Mobile

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It is, as the name implies, a wireless voice-operated printer. It implies you may print the document from any location as long as you’re linked to the same Wi-Fi network as your printer. Only set up the printer once, and the next time you use it, you won’t have to attach the cord; simply turn it on. After that, you are ready to print, and it is intended for use at home or in a small office. If you’re shopping for a printer for your home or workplace, consider the features.

It is an inkjet all-in-one printer that can do operations such as scanning, copying, and printing in a matter of seconds. All of these qualities are advantageous since they save money and space that would otherwise be required if separate devices were purchased.

Highlights of the HP DeskJet 2729

HP Deskjet 2729

1) Printing options

Printing modes refer to the various ways your printer may print documents. This printer allows you to print wirelessly as well as wired. Furthermore, we provide two options of wireless printing from your mobile device or PC, as well as printing via Google Home or Alexa. The printer may be accessed by the owner from any location in their workspace that is convenient for them. Simply issue the command and sit back while the gadget works to provide you with high-quality printouts.

2) Connectivity

HP Deskjet 2729

Because of its networking capabilities, the gadget becomes quite handy. This gadget is easily accessible by USB, Wi-Fi, and a mobile app. This smartphone app can handle practically all of the characteristics of this breast, including as printing orders, ink limit display, and other important things. This gadget may be accessed by several members of the same household without even connecting to the network. It is quite simple to connect this printer to your laptop and PC.

3) Printing Capability

This printer has a monthly duty cycle of up to 1000 pages. My calculations show that you may print 33 pages each day, which is more than plenty for home and small business use.

4) Paper Supports Size

This printer accepts all conventional paper formats, including A4, B5, A6, and DL envelopes. These are some of the most prevalent paper sizes in use today. As a result, having such paper size support is advantageous in the long run.

5) Printing Costs

It refers to how much it will cost you to print a single page. According to ISO standards, the page printing cost is roughly 4.8 for black and white print and 6.6 for colour print.

6) Resolutions

The resolution of a print determines its clarity. This printer has a high-quality colour print resolution of 48001200 optimised DPI and a black and white print resolution of 12001200 rendered DPI. As a result, the print will be tidy and clean, with eye-catching quality.

7) Cartridge Specifications

Because the cartridge is one of the most important parts of a printer, learning about it is essential when choosing a device. This is especially significant because the printer comes with one colour and one black cartridge. It is compatible with the HP 803 tricolour and black cartridges. This cartridge’s best feature is that it can be renewed. It can also print 190 pages in black ink and 165 pages in colour ink.

8) Printing Speed

We all care about speed, and printing speed may have a significant influence on total printer performance, isn’t it? This printer prints at a rate of 5.5 pages per minute, which is quite fast. A page will be printed in less than 10 seconds.

9) Customer service

HP offers a one-year guarantee from the day the product was purchased. If an issue arises with the printer, you may always contact HP customer service. You may reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. HP will send engineers to assist you with your problem, not simply if it is important. So you don’t have to be concerned since HP is always available to assist you with your items.

10) Additional Features

HP Deskjet 2729

It has an LCD-based indicator that indicates the status of the procedure. If an issue occurs, it will display it to you, making printer troubleshooting a simpler procedure. To address issues such as paper jams, the business has included a tray that permits unattended printing.


  • It does support wireless printing technologies such as Wi-Fi as well as voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
  • The printing quality is fantastic, and the resolution is superb.
  • Printer cartridges may be refilled, and it is less expensive than replacing a cartridge.
  • It has an LCD indicator to indicate that operations are ongoing.
  • It supports all of the relevant paper sizes used in industry.



  • Because it is designed for households and small offices, the maximum monthly printing capacity is limited.
  • It does not support duplex printing, which must be done manually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to link this printer over Bluetooth?

This printer can be connected through Wi-Fi, hotspot, and USB, however it does not support Bluetooth.

Is there a warranty included with this device?

Yes, this excellent equipment comes with a one-year guarantee, and you can simply visit their store if there is a problem with the machine.

Is it simple to use?

Yes, with all of its incredible capabilities, this gadget is really simple to operate. This colour printer is capable of producing high-quality prints.

Can we connect to this gadget using my iPad?

You can print all of your papers, photographs, and files using whatever device you choose. It is compatible with all smartphones, tablets, and Windows 8, 10.

Final Thoughts

A printer at such a low price from a well-known business like HP is a one-stop answer to all of your printing concerns. Furthermore, the feature set makes it a good value for money. If you don’t mind the drawbacks, it’s a good choice for your home or small workplace. We hope that after examining all of the aspects, you have a better understanding of this printer. However, always remember to check for a buying guide before deciding on a printer.


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