HP DeskJet 4826 Color Printer – Best Review

HP DeskJet 4826 Review: Technology is improving all the time, and such items are becoming more convenient and packed with essential functions. Technology simplifies our lives and saves us a lot of time. In this ever-changing world, we need tangible copies of certain documents. As a result, we must resort to printing, which wastes both time and money. Home printers are quite inexpensive and assist us a lot with printing at home.

Printers are growing smaller and more powerful, with an increasing number of capabilities. We’re working hard to make your job easier and quicker. HP is one of several firms that manufacture printers and other computer devices. Check out our HP Deskjet 4826 review.

HP is a firm that manufactures computers, laptops, and computer accessories. It produces some of the top printers on the market and strives to please its clients with new advancements. They can, and that is what distinguishes this firm from others, and they have printers for any need, so we will choose one of them.

HP goods are reliable because they pay attention to every detail and consistently give exceptional customer service. Nonetheless, HP solves and gives home servicing when you phone customer support or visit a local shop.

HP DeskJet 4826 All-in-One Wireless Color Printer

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Ultra 4826 All-in-one, Colour Printer for Home, Dual Band WiFi with self-Reset, Ultra Low Cost- 2600 Mono Pages and 1400 Colour Pages in The Box, White, 42.4X55.5X24.5 cm

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As the name implies, today we will present a full evaluation of the HP DeskJet 4826 All-in-One Ultra Ink Advantage Wireless Color Printer with Voice-Activated. It is a voice-activated wireless printer. There are just a few printers that support it, and this is one of them.

This product is designed for long-term printing. It implies that it can print about 1500 pages from a single black cartridge, and although this may pique your interest at first glance, let us go over its features in further depth.


  • Wi-Fi printing is supported, and voice operations are enabled.
  • It prints at a lower cost per page and has a scanner for photocopying.
  • The cartridges have a page yield of up to 1500.
  • It has a 7-segment display to make troubleshooting easier.
  • Design is compact and adaptable to any kind of interior.
  • Cartridges may be refilled.


  • Because it is designed for households and small offices, the maximum monthly printing capacity is limited.
  • It does not support duplex printing and must be done by hand.

Modes of printing

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Ultra 4826 All-in-one

It refers to the manner in which the printer may be used, and it, like other standard printers, allows wired connection printing. It also supports Wi-Fi printing, allowing you to print from anywhere as long as you are within range of the Wi-Fi network to which your printer is connected.

It also supports voice commands, so you can use it with Amazon Alexa or any other home voice assistant. You may sit back and offer orders for smooth printing using this functionality.

Printing Capability

As a result, since it is designed specifically for home and small office usage, the printer’s suggested monthly printing capacity is 1000 pages. So, it is designed for frequent usage, and our calculations show that it can print up to 33 pages every day, which is more than adequate.

Paper Supports Size

This printer supports all of the usual paper sizes that you may want, such as A4, B5, A6, and DL envelopes, which are some of the most often used paper sizes currently. As a result, having such paper size support is advantageous in the long run.

Costs of Printing

It offers excellent value for money, with print per page costs as low as 0.52INR for black and white printing and 1.01INR for colour printing, according to ISO standards. So, by investing in this printer, you may save a lot of money.


Resolution is a pixel number that determines your printing quality. It boasts some of the highest printing resolutions available. Up to 4800 x 1200 optimised DPI for colour and up to 1200 1200 rendered DPI for black, resulting in stunning print quality.

Specifications for Cartridges

One of a printer’s attractions is its cartridge, which will amaze you for the first time. It is ISO-compliant and uses HP 46 black and tri-color cartridges. It has a black cartridge that can print up to 1500 pages and a tri-color cartridge that can print up to 750 pages, which is good in my view.

Printing Speed

One of the most important criteria for the printer is its speed. It has a black ink print speed of 7.5 pages per minute and a colour print speed of 5.5 pages per minute. It includes everything a printer needs to produce a high-quality result.

These are some of the printer’s primary selling points, and you could be drawn to it. It is also a fantastic product, with many more things to discover in this printer. It has a 7-segment and icon LCD.

Designed to Provide More

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Ultra 4826 All-in-one

With the super yield HP ink cartridge, this device is designed to create thousands of high-quality prints. This wonderful machine features a sleek, ergonomic design that makes it simple to operate and maintain while saving both paper and money.

Mobile App with Silent Mode

It is designed to operate in quiet mode, allowing the owner to remain calm and focused while working. This machine creates very little noise during printing.


HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Ultra 4826 All-in-one

The various of functions included with this machine allow for hands-free printing. This gadget is readily connected through Wi-Fi, USB, and a specific app that can be used from any Android or iOS phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have a Wi-Fi capability?

The Wi-Fi capability works well with this system, allowing you to issue instructions from any location in your house.

Can we consider HP to be a reputable brand?

HP is regarded as a reliable company that offers cost-effective devices for both students and office workers.

Can we print on legal-sized paper with this machine?

This printer supports legal-size printing but does not support scanning legal paper.

Is it possible to replenish this printer’s cartridge?

Refilling the cartridge will reduce the printer’s printing quality, while using the original HP cartridge will improve its performance.

Final Thoughts

After learning about some of the printer’s key characteristics, you may be considering taking it home as a new technological companion. It is a fantastic pick since it combines several useful functions into a single device and comes with a one-year guarantee from HP.

So you don’t have to be concerned, and it also allows you to print via Wi-Fi. When you’re linked to the printer over Wi-Fi, you may print from anywhere in your house.


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