HP M1136 VS M1005 Laser Printer #1 Best Comparison Review

HP M1136 vs M1005 Laser Printer Comparison: This post will go through several aspects of these printers, HP M1136 and HP M1005 Printer, to guide you in selecting which one is ideal for your needs.

HP M1136 VS M1005 Printer Specifications

  • HP M1005
  • HP M1136
HP M1005 HP M1136
Functionality Multifunction Monochrome Multifunction Monochrome
Cost Highest Cheapest
Connectivity USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Print Per Minute (Print speed) Up to 14 pages (B/W) 11-20 pages (B/W)
Copy Per Minute (Copy speed) Up to 14 pages (B/W) Up to 18 pages (B/W)
Ink Cost ~7000 Rs ~5000 Rs
Cost Per Print Around 1.4 Rs. For B/W Around 2 Rs. For B/W
Display Yes (2-in display) Yes (Dual digit numeric LED)
Ideal User Small and medium businesses Small and medium businesses
Maximum usage per month Up to 5000 pages Up to 8000 pages
Power Usage High High
OS Support Windows 7 or higher macOS Linux (According to some customer reports) Windows 7 or higher macOS Linux
ADF Not Available Not Available
Memory 32 MB 8 MB
Paper supported Up to 80 GSM 60-163 GSM
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Check Price Check Price


It’s a showdown between two of HP’s top-tier Laser Printers. On one side, you have an M1005 with monochrome laser print technology vs an HP M1136, which has certain unique advantages.

This post will present some special statistics that will assist users in deciding whether to purchase an HP M1005 or an M1136.

In this HP M1136 VS HP M1005 Printer comparison, you’ll see the printers’ strengths and drawbacks, as well as how they can fulfil your needs.

Differences Between the HP M1136 and the M1005

There are a lot of similarities between the two printer models. However, several crucial differences should be highlighted for a better grasp of what distinguishes these two.

The first significant difference is the cost. While the M1136 will cost you approximately Rs 13,000, the M1005 will cost you somewhat more, approximately Rs 4000.

What’s worth noting for business professionals is that a smaller investment in an M1136 printer can be highly helpful because it saves their most precious resource, “time.” In terms of copying speed, the printer saves a little more time than the M1005.

Another significant difference worth highlighting is that the M1005 comes with 32mb of memory, which is significantly more than its competitor, the HP M1136.

Brief Overview of Printer Specifications

Let’s start with a quick summary of printer specifications for the HP M1136 and then the HP M1005:

HP M1136 – Fast Laser Printer at a Low Cost

HP M1136 laser printer

HP’s latest offering, the HP M1136 LaserJet Pro, is a multi-functional printer with more capabilities than competitors while costing significantly less.

The M1136 has a small footprint that fits into your desk space so easily that you can’t deny it’s an extraordinarily light-weight computer. The top of the printer holds a 150-sheet input tray as well as a flatbed scanner, making it ideal for mass printing.

Printer Specifications

If you need a clear text and graphics copy, go no further than an M1136, which produces high-quality copies at a maximum print resolution of 600 x 600 DPI.

Furthermore, its print speed and scan quality are on par with its overall performance.

The multi-functional printer’s technology has been specifically built for a pleasant consumer experience. Along with energy savings, this machine has an auto on/off feature that shuts down the printer if it is left idle for an extended period of time.

The LED-based instant-ON technology enables the M1136 to save energy for users in both idle and copy mode.

And, with the HP Smart Install, you won’t have to worry about how to set up the machine. All you have to do is plug in the M1136, follow a simple installation routine, and you can start printing right away.

There is no doubt that the HP M1136 is a fantastic printer.

HP M1005 — High-Capacity Printing at the Touch of a Button

HP M1005 laser printer

With a little more money, you might get the HP M1005, a powerful multi-functional printer that is ideal for business workers.

You get a 1,000-page HP black print cartridge, a USB cable, a control-panel overlay, output bin support, a 150-sheet input tray, a power wire, and much more when you buy this feature-rich printer. In addition, the M1005 comes with a one-year manufacturing guarantee.

Although the HP M1005 is a larger printer in terms of size than the HP M1136, it is still a light-weight machine that can easily fit into your workplace space.

Printer Specifications

The HP Laser-Jet M1005 multi-functional printer, which is outfitted with cutting-edge monochrome technology, provides consumers with high-quality results (business people).

Because it produces quick results and can be used for bulk printing, the printer becomes the ideal solution for the company’s personnel.

When utilising the HP M1005, you may easily execute functions such as printing, scanning, and copying.

With many functions crammed into a single device, it’s difficult to dispute that the HP Laser-Jet M1005 is a genuinely versatile machine. In addition, the 150-sheet input tray and 10-sheet priority tray make it easy to manage paper.

The M1005 printer’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability comes with installation drivers that assist users in converting documents into digital forms for editing.

Showdown is a feature

You just gone over the printer specifications for both models, but how do you determine which way to go?

To do so, arm yourself with the specifications and facts regarding the HP M1136 and HP M1005 to make an informed decision.

Print and Scan Options

Both printers deliver high-quality photos and prints to users. In terms of printing and scanning speed, the HP M1136 outperforms the M1005 by offering 11-20 pages per minute, which is faster than the M1005 (14 pages per minute).

When it comes to giving extra functions, it’s very unexpected that the M1136, although being a less costly gadget, offers more than its opponent. Scan to E-mail, Scan to Application, and Scan to File capabilities make this printer a more appealing option for business professionals and users.

Another feature worthy of notice in this category is its memory. The memory size of the device has a significant impact on the speed and quality of printing and scanning. With its premium 32MB RAM, the HP M1136 leads in terms of memory size. While the memory size of the HP M1136 is only one-quarter that of its counterpart (8MB).

Ink Prices

Overall, both printers are created with the primary objective of saving users energy and money.

However, in this specification category, the HP M1005 has an advantage, with a cost per print of Rs 1.4, which is 60 paise less than the M1136.

Because the M1005 is more expensive than its competitor, the manufacturer has made it more logical by lowering the cost each print, so people find it more affordable and handy.

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Connectivity and System Support

HP M1136 and HP M1005 work well on all systems (Mac, Windows). When it comes to Linux, the M1136 works flawlessly, while the M1005 is a different story.

Both printers have restricted connectivity options (USB 2.0) and do not support WIFI. This is a significant disadvantage for the devices, but it is worth overlooking given the printer prices.

Both devices are high-power printers in terms of power consumption. While the M1005 consumes a maximum of 230 watts of power, the HP M1136 consumes significantly more (375 watts).

Key Advantages

To make an informed purchasing decision, you must know more than just the product characteristics. It is critical to consider the key benefits of selecting one solution over the other.

If you decide to purchase an HP M1136 printer, these are some of the reasons why:

  • You will be able to print 18 pages (Black/White) per minute, which is slightly faster than the M1005, which prints roughly 15 pages per minute.
  • An HP M1136 will supply you with the majority of the capabilities included in the M1005, but more importantly, it is a much slimmer machine than the more expensive choice and will easily fit into your office space.
  • The print resolution is ideal for everyday use and produces sharp text and images, which is a big advantage of purchasing an M1136.

Similarly, if you have more money to spend and decide to get an HP M1005, here’s why it might be the best investment for you:

  • It’s logical to expect a printer to be cost-effective in the long run after investing Rs 17,000 for it. When you purchase the HP M1005, your expectations are satisfied because the cost per print is almost Rs 1.4, which is significantly cheaper than the cost of other brands and printers.
  • Another significant advantage of purchasing the more expensive version is that customers have access to 32MB of memory, which is significantly greater than other versions and brands.
    If the M1136 has more features and a lower price, this version of the printer has a 1000-page HP black ink cartridge and a 150-sheet input tray.
  • Despite being larger than comparable printers, the HP M1005 is a remarkably light machine, weighing 8.2kg, nearly a kilogramme less than the HP M1136.

HP M1136 and M1005 Drawbacks

  • No Wireless Connectivity: Despite the fact that these printers are expensive, they lack wireless connectivity.
  • Without an auto document feeder or automatic duplex, printing and scanning documents with no human interaction is essential. This is when features like automatic duplex come into play. Unfortunately, these two printers lack these features, necessitating manual two-sided printing and scanning.
  • High Power Consumption: Both of these printers will consume a significant amount of power when in use.

Conclusions and Verdict

Both printers are incredible machines made by HP. There is no doubt that both printers are built solely for customer happiness.

While one variation is less expensive and more useful, the other is more expensive and less efficient.

Finally, it comes down to this: “What is your printing requirement?”

If you’re a soft-user who only needs a printer to save time going to a printer-service shop, the M1136 is an excellent pick. It provides quick and high-quality results for a lower price of Rs 13,000

However, if you’re a business professional in need of a computer to address day-to-day challenges, go no farther than the M1005. It is intended for large-scale printing.

We have highlighted the most essential features and specifications of both printers so that you can make an informed decision about which printer to purchase. It’s time to make a decision.

BUY HP M1005

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